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Custom Motorcycle Accessories


Prometrix motorcycle accessories are hand-made in the United States of America by people who ride metric cruisers. We would never make something for you that we wouldn't put on our own scooters. We know what you want. It just takes time to get it perfect for you. Metric Cruisers are hot and there are many products out there that can get you burned. So we here at Prometrix use ourselves as test chimps everyday testing and running our motorcycle accessories up and down the Phoenix roads. Why would we do something that friggin' dangerous? Because we ride too! Everything that we sell is tested on our bikes before you ever get one like it. Our motorcycle accessories work and fit. We will take custom orders! If you don't find the part that you need listed here, we would be glad to talk to you about making that hard to find motorcycle accessory or custom part. Just drop us a line or call us and a Prometrix representative will be happy to talk to you.

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